Skonto Prefab / Prefabricated concrete products

Skonto Prefab was founded in 2002 when hollow core slab production unit was opened in Salaspils District near Riga, the capital of Latvia. Since then, Skonto Prefab has expanded and opened a filigree wall panel production unit in 2006 and a wall panel production unit in 2008.

Skonto Prefab is known as a qualified, trustworthy and credible manufacturer with identified business capability to fulfill the growing Scandinavian need for environmentally-friendly, U-value residential houses that require minimal energy for space heating or cooling.

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Skonto Prefab believes it is well positioned to service a globalised customer base and specialize in production of non-standard precast - concrete elements such as sandwich walls with brick and tile surfaces, sandwich walls with matrix texture surfaces and round elements, and to deliver its ambitious plans with a motivated and highly-skilled workforce. 

Recently, Skonto Prefab has extended its range of external wall elements offering the possibility in a facade to integratebrick wall constructions.

In 2011, it has also started production of specific, convex-shaped precast concrete balcony elements that make a building stand out remarkably in any urbanized area. 

Apart from concrete element production, Skonto Prefab offers delivery of produced goods to the site as well as assembly and designing services.